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The Dharma-life, or living aware of the mystery and the truth of things, is sometimes spoken of as a spiral. As such it is cyclic, but it also progresses. Recognising the different moods or states of our own and others’ cycles, as we progress along the path, is an art to be learnt with patience and sensitivity. It is the poetry of the ‘soul’. 

This series of paintings have been made over the last couple of years as part of a process of change and of letting go into a different relationship with life and with experience. Making the paintings has been an aspect of the change itself, and so they are as much the actual process of letting go as they are images portraying stages or aspects in that process. 

Many of the painting are influenced by the Buddhist figure of Vajrasattva, the embodiment of ‘primordial purity’, and by the figure of the Buddha himself, but also by the Christian gnostic text ‘The hymn of the pearl’, sometimes also known as’ the hymn of the soul’.

Paintings from this series were shown in Barcelona from 22 October 2019 to 28 February 2020, at CBTB

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