I like to think of works of art as what the ancient Celts called 'thin places' - places where the veil between 'the sacred' and the mundane is so thin that they touch. The ordinary becomes significant and the transcendent manifests as the concrete and immediate. In the end they are not distinct. To explore, dwell in and honour this truth is why I paint and do what I do. My deepest wish is to share it with others. 

Moksananda (Michael Perkin) is a painter and maker of images living just outside Valencia, Spain. He is largely self-taught, though he studied drawing with Gaia Art Academy in Valencia and painting with Barry John Raybould at the Virtual Art Academy. He also studied film making with New York based Lights Film School.

In 1985 he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order and later founded the Valencia Buddhist Centre in Spain. For 30 years he worked and travelled extensively in the hispanic world, teaching and supporting others on the Buddhist path, and ordaining others into Triratna.


Dedicated now full-time to painting and image making, his life as a meditator and practising Buddhist feed into his work. His paintings are held in private collections in Spain, Mexico, the UK, Cyprus and Holland.


Individual exhibition Remember the pearl

CBTB, Barcelona 22 October 2019 to 28 February 2020

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