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'Emergent' is a series exploring the contingent nature of the becoming, being and passing away of all things.It also explores the power of the human figure to communicate.

In these difficult and, I would say, even desperate times I feel that we humans need to call upon deeper parts of ourselves, or dimensions of our hearts and minds and souls that have been perhaps ignored for too long, and so are as if hidden. Dimensions of our individual and collective experience that can offer us wisdom and a fresh perspective on what it means to be alive, to be human. We need to broaden our horizons, look deeper into the blue of the sky, and bring light into the depths so that we can know the treasures and face the truth beneath and within.


These figures, as well as the abstract works, are an evocation and an invocation of this possibility, an act of reverence if you like, and come from a sense of confidence in our individual and collective ability to stop our madness, to listen, to be receptive - not only to each other but to that which lies beyond our fears, beneath our anxieties, above our narrow views and tight held opinions. We are much less than we think, and therefore much, much more.

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