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Experience is momentary, and sometimes that moment can be long or short. Some experiences seem to last a life time, others not even a second. Every experience contains a way of being and of seeing life, and that being and seeing can be so very fleeting, or held from birth to death. 


The more we let go of what we think we know and are, and stand on the ground of actual experience, the more transitory we realise it all is. And being transitory it is unique, and ungraspable and ultimately undefined. Each experience, each moment, is in some way sacred. It is perhaps as eternal as it is transitory.


Any moment of experience contains an element of in-betweenness. It arises from what came before and at the same time yields to what is to come. It is as if a horizon, that shift  between earth and sky or water and space, which is sometimes so marked and at others almost imperceptible. Though each experience shimmers for just a moment, from it our fleeting sense of self, others and the world emerges. 

These paintings are such moments. They are transitory horizons, an infinitely small part of the great network of diverse, ever shifting moments that makes up the extraordinary vastness of humanity.

A 5 minute experimental film created using paintings from this series can be seen under 'Moving Images'.

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