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The Nagini


(VAT included)

The Nagini is a figure from South Asian mythology, and resides in lakes or in the ocean. She guards hidden treasures, healing medicines, and secret teachings, given to her in ancient times to keep safe until the appropriate time. The Nagini is a presence, a force, a movement from the depths and brings something new to the world, something different, a teaching or an inspiration or a new paradigm. She's here a moment, offering us her gift, before plunging back into the depths...

  • Aluminum dibond 18 x 24 cm (External dimensions: 22.6 x 28.6 cm)

  • Hahnemühle Fineart paper

  • Natural wood floating frame

  • Signed by Moksananda on the back

  • Includes a free card so you can personalize your gift


Hahnemühle Fineart paper on aluminium dibond meets the highest quality printing demands. It combines the elegance and depth of field of Hahnemühle's original Fineart paper with the stability and sophisticated air of aluminum dibond.


- Internationally awarded fineart paper

- Unmatched color fastness and sharpness

- 12-color fineart print, no reflection


Real wood frame from controlled agriculture. The wooden frame is 100% free of harmful substances. Comes in a plane cardboard box.

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