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Moksananda is a British born artist living and working in Valencia, Spain, where he has lived for more than 35 years. He explores both abstract and figurative art, and the relationship between them.


Denis Taylor, painter and art writer, described Moksananda in Painters Tubes Magazine, as ‘an artist of enormous flexibility [...] an original painter who mixes intelligence, talent and skill with story telling.’ He has studied under American abstract artist Ty Nathan Clark. 

In 1985 he was ordained into a Buddhist Order and later founded the Valencia Buddhist Centre. For more than 30 years he worked and traveled extensively throughout the Hispanic world, teaching and supporting others on the Buddhist path while deepening his own practice and understanding.


Now dedicated full time to art, his life as a meditator feeds into his artistic process. His work has been selected for juried group exhibitions and featured in magazines, on websites and used on book covers. His paintings can be found in a growing number of private collections around the world.

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